Hair CAre


Shape Up
Deep conditioning treatment. Haircut w/ blow-dry & style. Wax, Paraffin or Polish.

Me Day
Deep conditioning treatment. Blow-dry and style. Mani/Pedi combo. Paraffin dip.

Curls for Days
Basic Perm. Basic Conditioning Treatment. Haircut. Wax, Paraffin or Polish.

All Done Up
AOC. Basic Conditioning Treatment. Haircut w/Blow-dry & style. Wax, Paraffin or Polish.

Pop of Color
Up to 12 foils w/toner/glaze. Haircut w/Blow-dry & Style. Wax, Paraffin or Polish.

Straighten Me Up
Relaxer. Basic Conditioning Treatment. Haircut w/Blow-dry and Style. Wax, Paraffin or Polish.

Doll Me Up
Special Occasion Up Do. Mani & Pedi Combo.

Cuts & StylesPricing
Shampoo $8
Haircut w/ Shampoo and blow-dry$10
Flat Iron/Marcel-on$5
Men's Haircut$8
Clipper Haircut$5
Child Haircut (10 & under)$5
Roller Set$10
Hair Wrap (Saran Wrap)$8
Special Wrap Set$20 and up
Up Do/Down Do$20 and up
Deep Conditioning Treatment$10
Deep Conditioning Treatment w/ Chemical$5
Scalp Treatment$15
Partial Head$15
Partial w/ Added Hair$25
Full Head$25
Full Head w/ Added Hair$35
Braid/Track Removal$15
Dread Maintenance$35
Artificial HairPricing
Full Sew-In$75
Partial Sew-In$45
Quick Weave/Glue-In$55
Color & HighlightsPricing
AOC (Perm/Demi/Semi)$20 and up
AOC w/ Partial Foil$40 and up
AOC w/ Full Foil$51 and up
Partial Foil$22 and up
Full Foil$35 and up
Multi-Dimensional Foil$45 and up
Balayage$50 and up
Bleach & Tone$55 and up
Cap Highlight$18 and up
Glaze/Toner$15 and up
Texture Services (Includes blow dry only)Pricing
Basic Perm$28 and up
Special Wrap Perm$40 and up
Relaxer (Virgin or Touchup)$35 and up
Relaxer (Hairline)$20 and up
Soft Curl Perm$45 and up
Shape Up$25
Me Day$48
Curls for Days$48 and up
All Done Up$45 and up
Pop of Color$52 and up
Straighten Me Up$60 and up
Doll Me Up$40 and up
Additional ProductPricing
Filler per 2oz$8
Color per 2oz$8
Bleach per 2oz$8
Perm Solution per 2oz$8
Relaxer per 2oz$8